We have put many years and much effort into perfecting our customer service.  We recognize that you, our customers, are our most valuable assets.  Many of our customers are collectors with very specific requirements.  We have thousands of high quality books on hugely diverse subjects and not all of them are online.  We will always go out of our way to put the out-of-print or antiquarian book that you are looking for into your hands whether it is about Ornamental Ironwork or Billy the Kid, Agatha Christie or the Flora of the Faeroe Islands, or simply a tome needed to ace an English paper:

Dear Wright Book,

Thanks so much! Yesterday we received the Marler book, Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell that my daughter needed for her college English Literature class.  She really liked it.  We appreciate how much you went out of your way to get it to us in time for her report ...  Thanks again, Lena M.


We are happy to appraise one book for posterity, a large collection for insurance purposes or property settlements, or a library-full of grandpa's books you wish to sell. Wright Book Appraisers are professional and accurate without being stuffy, and, best of all, if we take a look at your books and they are not worth anything, we will tell you.  If we take a look and they are valuable, we won’t try to buy them from you for pennies on the dollar.  We can do in-hand appraisals within 200 miles of our store or some may be able to be done electronically.

Buying Books

Call us or email if you have high quality books for sale.  We buy collections, private libraries, and small numbers of books that we want or need if they are in very good condition or better.  This means that they should be clean, without tears or highlighting, binding should be tight, all maps, charts, graphs, plates, photographs, and illustrations should be present and in good shape, and there should be no mildew, pet, or tobacco odors. If possible, dust jackets should be on the books, if they have one, and the jackets should be in good condition.  Unless it is a fairly rare book, we do not buy books without dust jackets.  We do not buy the following:  Self help, medical, Christian books, political, pop fiction, or any romance.  But again, this depends on the books so if you have a collection to sell let us know and we can talk about it.

NOTE PLEASE: Sadly, in order to slow down the delivery of mail-in ballots, the current administration and the post office have been laying off more people and taking away many of their sorting machines.  This means that media mail may take 3 to 6 weeks to reach you with your order.  If you are in a big hurry, I suggest you ask about Priority Mail, but those rates are high!  I'm sorry this is happening.  It is hurting all mail order businesses, but our only chance to do something is to vote blue.