The Heaven to Earth Series (18 volumes). M. D. through the mediumship of D. Kendrick Johnson Robert R. Leichtman.

The Heaven to Earth Series (18 volumes)

Ohio: Ariel Pr, 1978-1984. varying editions. Softcover. Eighteen clean, tight little 12mos, between 72-128 pages each in a separate booklet. (See photo.) All are in very good condition though there is some minor pencil marking in a couple of the books. There were 24 in all, these are 18 of them. Price is for the set. though we might consider selling them individually at $5 each. Contact us for more information. Very Good / None, as issued, Item #17518
ISBN: 9780898040524

The books are "channeled" interviews by the author through a psychic medium, D. Kendrick Johnson. Dr. Leichtman was also known to use spirit guides as diagnostic tools in his psychiatric practice. The books are very interesting in that they are supposed to be the interviewee's opinions on the past, present and future. They begin with Edgar Cayce and end with Abraham Lincoln and a treatise on the Destiny of America.They include 1. Cayce, 2. Shakespeare, 3. Cheiro, 4. Jung & Freud, 5. Leadbeater, 7. Jefferson, 9. Blavatsky, 10. Tesla, 13. Schhweitzer (this one has "sample" penned on the front cover), 14. Rembrandt, 16. Yogananda, 18.Einstein, 19. Franklin, 20. Carnegie, 22, Burbank, 21. Wagner, and 23. Lincoln, 24. Destiny of America.

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